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Roderick, Houston, Texas

 "When I started my search for an attorney I didn't know where to turn but by the grace of God I came across Mrs.Hatchett....She and her team were awesome! She kept me up to speed with everything from start to finish...I would highly recommend this firm to anyone looking for honesty and results..from myself and my family we love you and your team Mrs.Hatchett...We wish you much success .. "

Chris, Brazoria County, Texas

"Incredible, caring, professional, and trustworthy team! They made that very apparent and clear as they were super helpful and committed in assuring my family’s needs were met. I normally am not a 'survey taker' or 'comment leaver', however, please consider this law firm for any tailored needs for you and your family! It’s worth the peace of mind you will have." 

Rebecca, Port Arthur, Texas

"Everyone I came in contact with at the Hatchett Law Firm was courteous, professional and always willing to help. We received continuous communications and always felt like we were up-to-date regarding what we needed to do or what was going to happen next with our case. We were guided through every step that we needed to take right up to outstanding representation in court. I would highly recommend The Hatchett Law Firm!"

Candis, Anderson County, Texas

"Cynthia Hatchett of Hatchett Law Firm was retained by my family to organize and settle long standing probate and estate issues. We know nothing of these issues and didn't even know where to begin. I spoke with Mrs. Hatchett's staff, they asked all the right questions to get the information for our attorney to begin building our case. From the first phone call to The Hatchett Law Firm until these matters were resolved, we have been in the loop together, almost like a family. Feeling always that they had our interest and well being in their hearts. They are good Christian people. All of them. Trustworthy and caring people. I cannot say enough about the excellent care we received from them. Or how much we will always appreciate them ALL! This Law Firm will be my only consideration in the future for our needs in any Estate, Probate, or Planning issue."

Debora, Los Angeles, California

"The law firm reached out and helped me with all paperwork and gave a clear understanding of procedures. Loved the spirit and admire the firm for their experience and personal touches from state to state."Contact The Hatchett Law Firm Now to Discuss Your matter

Contact The Hatchett Law Firm Now to Discuss Your matter

Sharon S., Harris County, Texas

Attorney Michael Hatchett and his entire staff were great! The entire staff made us feel comfortable and at ease. The staff had to explain the entire estate planning process/procedure twice (once with my husband & then again with me) without any complaints, and still welcomed any additional questions or concerns we may have had. Although there were several documents to review and sign, Attorney Michael took his time with us and explained each document in detail. We never felt rushed. The entire process was painless and moved so smooth. They made us feel so special...as if we were their only client!!  Thanks again Michael & Cynthia Hatchett and your entire staff for handling our estate planning with ease."

Success Stories


Guardianship Contest Dismissed

In a contentious suit that went on for many months against a son holding Power of Attorney for a parent, the lawyers of the Hatchett Law Firm successfully achieved a dismissal of all claims against their client and the Power of Attorney was enforced, allowing that the parent's wishes were honored.


Foreclosure Avoided

In a case where a family was losing property to foreclosure after the death of a family member who owed a hefty mortgage, The Hatchett Law Firm was able to stop the foreclosure proceedings and complete probate of the estate.  The family was able to keep the beloved home and the mortgage company was forced to work through the process.


14 Year Old Case Solved Quickly

The Hatchett Law Firm was the third law firm hired by a family after all prior lawyers failed in resolving a complex heirship matter lasting a period of over 14 years.  Thousands of dollars were down the drain, several heirs to the estate had passed away, and property was in jeopardy of being lost.  Within a few months of hiring, our firm was able to establish a plan of action to resolve the challenging contested probate case that the other lawyers had given up on - proving that knowledge and experience matters.

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